The starting point is our belief that long-term successful business men and women of the 21st Century will be those who „respect themselves and others“. They are specialists in dealing fairly with people. They have confidence in their own strengths and they value customers, co-workers and partners. We have developed a method which will especially stimulate managers in SME’s to view their “Company House” from a different perspective. We also wish t o provide evidence that it is possible with simple methods to get success through enjoy-ing your work (as in the motto of our Italian partners: bene essere = feel good, be good). The financial crisis is proving the importance of flexibility and trust in the world of business. Thus our model has acquired extra relevance these past years.

NEW: The model has been developed and we want to start 2013 two new projects:
1st project: Women competence instead of quota for women – women as ambassadors for success through fair management

FFF SOL – self-directed learning for women in leadership positions.
We use the natural skills of women to implement the idea of a concept FFF special education concept and connect with it the opportunity to get more women in leadership positions of SMEs.

2nd project:  FFF regio for a concept to promote favored regions by applying the model house fair success

New network-partners will be: Hungary, Cypern , Bulgaria


We are the

bbw Bildungszentrum Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH, Germany









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